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Monsieur de Monville's Garden is a collection of carefully chosen sites, in English and French, relating to landscape architecture, gardening, botany, and horticulture.

Do you have a green thumb? Want to visit famous European gardens? Curious about follies? Need to conduct some research into horticulture or landscape architecture? You will find the best resources on this page.

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Ronald W. Kenyon is also the curator of a website entitled Gardens in France from the Middle Ages to the Present with links to websites, videos and news articles. The site is hosted by news agregator

Alnwick Garden . The Duchess of Northumberland and landscape architect Jacques Wirtz have created a visionary garden inspired by eighteenth-century gardens such as the Desert de Retz. The Alnwick Garden boasts a Grand Cascade, one of the largest rose gardens in Europe, a 560 square-meter treehouse and the Poison Garden complete with a hundred varieties of toxic plants. Read the article by Christopher Mason in the July 17, 2008, issue of the New York Times. View a multimedia slide show with 14 pictures of the Duchess of Northumberland and her garden, and visit the The Alnwick Garden website.

French flag, conseils en jardinage et en plantes. Le calendrier lunaire, les fiches de la saison, les conseils, au jardin potager, au jardin frutier, au jardin d'ornement, au bassin, au balcon, à la maison.

Beginning Home Gardening Guide from Angie's List. Growing a garden at home is an activity that the entire family can participate in, and it provides a household with a wealth of benefits.

The Botanical Garden Information System, is a bilingual site in German and English sponsored by Universität Ulm. The site catalogues botanical gardens in almost 70 countries around the world and includes almost a score of links to sites about French gardens. The listings are organized by country and the site boasts a site-specific search engine.

French flag Comité des Parcs et Jardins de France. "La vocation de ce site est de présenter 1,392 parcs et jardins en France, grands ou petits,publics ou privés, ouverts régulièrement ou sur rendez-vous. Ils sont classes par région, pour orienter la visite ; ils sont aussi indexés selon divers critères pour en faciliter l’étude." Cherchez un jardin !

French flag Le Conservatoire des Jardins et Paysages est une association unissant depuis 30 ans des professionnels d'origines fort diverses, paysagistes, botanistes, horticulteurs, architectes, historiens, passionnés par le monde de l’art des jardins que l'on sait fragile et en constante évolution. Les actions du Conservatoire des Jardins et Paysages sont établies sur un concept simple : « Un jardin connu est un jardin sauvé. » Triez les 500 jardins par nom, ville ou région.

The DiCamillo Companion The DiCamillo Companion to British and Irish Country Houses is the product of architectural historian Curt DiCamillo's attempt to catalogue all the country houses ever built in Britain and Ireland.

The data base, currently listing over 7,200 houses, standing or demolished, can be accessed by county, architect, or date. You can even find the houses where films have been shot. Each house has its own entry; many include photographs of the houses and grounds.

The site has links to related websites and, as a bonus, a directory of everything you ever wanted to know about Lord Worcestercleucch, his ancestors, and his country house, Cherryton Park, Dussex. Informative and delightful.

Edgecroft is a unique, terraced garden in River Edge, NJ, laid out in 1910 by Italian artists. The property was lovingly restored by Anthony "Bud" and Virginia Korteweg and is open to the public one day a year. The next open day is June 23, 2018; hours are between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM. Edgecroft is affiliated with the The Garden Conservancy, working to preserve outstanding gardens across America.


French flag Fleurs des Champs. Présentation de 1100 espèces et de leurs caractéristiques. Méthode simplifiée avec système expert permettant de déterminer 350 espèces courantes. Geolocalisez vos plantes trouvées.

Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) mission of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program is to educate Floridians about science-based, environmentally friendly landscaping practices and to encourage them to conserve and protect our water resources by applying Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Principles in their landscapes.

Follies of Europe is the title of a book by Nic Barlow, Tim Knox and Caroline Holmes. They've also created a website, enhanced with beautiful color photogaphs of fascinating follies found in Austria, France--including the Desert de Retz-- Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Highly recommended.

Heritage Ebooks is a digital publisher specializing in heavily illustrated and interactive ebooks. The first forty ebooks, FOLLIES OF ENGLAND, describing the Architectural Eccentricities to be found throughout all the counties of England, were published in October 2011. The next series, FOLLIES OF SCOTLAND and FOLLIES OF WALES are scheduled for future release. Many more titles and series are in the pipeline. According to the publisher, these ebooks are "The definitive and most detailed guides to this captivating genre ever published."


An English Monville? Annette Lloyd Thomas has created an informative site devoted to John “Mad Jack” Fuller, Squire of Brightling, a younger contemporary of François Racine de Monville--Fuller lived from 1757 to 1834; Monville from 1734 to 1797. Like Monville, Fuller was an eccentric who associated with many notable figures of his day and had a penchant for constructing follies. Like Monville, Fuller’s follies included a pyramid, an obelisk and a classical temple.

Visit the site for photographs of Fuller’s follies and information about the prominent members of his social circle. A companion blog, On the Trail of Mad Jack Fuller, A Journal Researching the Life and Times of John "Mad Jack" Fuller, features a comparison of Fuller and Monville.

Edwinna von Baeyer created an extensive list of Garden History Links Around the World. Categories include Canada, the United States, Europe, France, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, China/Japan and Australia. Unfortunately, the last update is dated January 11, 2010.

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1965,the Garden History Society (GHS) is the oldest society in the world dedicated to the conservation and study of historic designed gardens and landscapes. The GHS publishes twice-yearly Garden History, the foremost international journal on the subject.

Jim Parra, the retired Garden Center Coordinator at the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, Texas, has created the Gardening Launch Pad, with 5,812 links since 1995 in scores of categories. The site includes the gardening tip of the week, current and archived articles, a bookstore and a list of preferred vendors.

The, the Garden Landscape Guide, features the Garden of the day, a Garden Finder listing 2,763 gardens with photos, maps, reviews and opening times for gardens all over the world, including 180 in France and a guide to recommended garden tours. Links to information on garden design and landscape architecture, including online books, biographies, a directory of designers, a glossary, a product finder, and eArticles and eBooks.

Gardening Tips for Kids This web page consists of links to over twenty websites, mostly from national and state government agencies, providing information about gardening specifically written for young children. Be aware that this page is posted on, which is a commercial website.

GardenWeb Forums Visit the GardenWeb Forums, The GardenWeb Forums comprise the largest community of gardeners on the Internet. Whether you're a new gardener or an old master, here you will find like-minded people and friendly discussions. More than 1,300,000 GardenWeb Discussions. Tap the collective wisdom of the thousands of other users who visit GardenWeb Forums each day. You can post queries on plant care, how to deal with a landscaping problem or perhaps initiate a discussion on your favorite subject.


If you like architecture, you will love the Great Buildings Collection.

Historic Gardens the Historic Gardens Review is is the journal of the Historic Gardens Foundation. Through the Review we work to bring together lovers of historic parks and gardens across the world. It provides a portal for the views of enthusiasts, campaigners and professionals alike and is a leading voice in championing the cause of our garden heritage. The Historic Gardens Review comes out twice a year and, between issues, subscribers are kept up to date with e-newsletters.

History of Landscape Architecture is a colossal collection of photographs and other images to accompany a series of lectures on the history of landscape architecture given by Kenneth Helphand at the University of Oregon.

The images are organized into eighteen categories: Gardens Agriculture, Egypt, Greece, Roman, Primitive, Paradise Gardens, Islamic, Spanish, Moghul, Medieval Gardens, Forest, French Gardens, Pastoral, English Gardens, Parks Movement, America 18th-19th Century, and Boston. Unfortunately, there is no text and the site is not searchable, although each image is captioned. You just select a category, jump in, and enjoy!

Hortus Oasis, a site by Stephen and Kristin Pategas, contains sections on landscape design, garden photography, educational programs and garden design tips. See particularly their selection of Favorite Public Gardens.

French flag Etudiants, pépiniéristes, paysagistes, spécialistes de l'aménagement paysager, horticulteurs, botanistes, jardiniers, artistes ou profanes: Delphine et Thierry Jouet vous invite au Jardin des JOUET. Ces passionnés du jardinage vous aident à connaître et à choisir les végétaux selon vos goûts, vos besoins, votre sol, votre climat. Vous réaliserez ainsi un jardin unique et personnel.

Visiter surtout la page des photos des plantes, végétaux, arbres, arbustes, vivaces en floraison selon les mois de l'année.

Jardins et Châteaux autour de Paris. A bilingual site with descriptons, practical information and links to twenty-three masterpieces of landscape design in the five départements surrounding Paris. Highly recommended for anyone spending more than a few days in Paris. is a multilingual guide to parks and gardens in France and a gardens and landscape portal. Use the interactive map to find a park or garden in France. Calendar of outings and events. Versions in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian.


French flag Destiné aux enseignants, Jardinons à l'école vous incite à découvrir les plantes et les activites de jardinage, obtenir des conseils, des astuces, des sources d'information et échanger vos expériences, vos idées, et vos interrogations. Faîtes entrer, organisez et développer le jardinage à l'école. Site réalisé par le GNIS, le Groupement National Interprofessionnel des Semences et Plantes.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. Had the Désert de Retz not fallen into abandon, it might have developed into a similar institution. Kew Gardens is world famous for its historic glasshouses, magnificent vistas and precious specimen trees, not to mention royal buildings, the Pagoda, beautiful woods and great places for children to have fun.

Landscape Architecture Magazine Read the online version of Landscape Architecture Magazine published by the American Sociey of Landscape Architects. Consult back issues in the archives or the index starting in April 1996.

French flag Les Arbres. Né d'une passion, le site internet sur les arbres de Pierre-Yves Landouer est le fruit d'une quête de plus de dix ans. 2.500 photos prises soit à plat, soit sur le terrain. Identification d'une feuille. Mythologie. Les floraisons par mois. Dictionnaire latin et anglais. Lien vers première édition de l'Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonné des Sciences, des Arts et des Métiers de Diderot et d'Alembert. Forum.

Visit the online site of the Garden Museum in London. The world's first museum of garden history is located in the restored church of St Mary-at- Lambeth next to Lambeth Palace. The Museum looks after a unique collection of around 6,000 objects, amassed over the last three decades and continuing to grow. Objects spanning 400 years of gardening in Britain, from tools to artists’ impressions, each represent the history, culture or design of gardens.

The National Gardens Scheme is a British charity which raises money for nursing and caring charities by opening gardens of quality and interest to the public. The Scheme publishes the Yellow Book, a definitive reference guide to private gardens which open to the public. The site's Garden Finder is a unique search and mapping facility to plan your garden visits.

Gardens around the World, describes itself as the one-stop site for plant lovers. The site hosts an extensive list of gardening and horticulture resources on the Internet, including links to arboreta and horticultural gardens as well as plant clubs, societies and associations. There are around 3,000 gardens in its worldwide database including listings and links for twenty gardens and arboreta in France.

Top, formerly the Rare Books from the Missouri Botanical Garden, is a freely accessible portal to historic botanical literature from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library. 1,968 titles (books/journals), 7,188 volumes, 2,459,779 pages, 243,459 links to protologues. A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin. is an architecture, planning and landscape information gateway with 1,100 reviewed links to architecture, planning and landscape-related websites. Site not updated since December 2013.

Sisley Garden Tours Sisley Garden Tours has been designing and running specialized garden tours in England and bespoke tours in England and Europe since 1993.


Monsieur de Monville's Garden is part of the Racine de Monville Home Page, the world's first and most comprehensive web site devoted to the Désert de Retz, an extraordinary garden created by François Racine de Monville in the last half of the 18th century and located in Chambourcy, near Paris.

Learn more about the Désert de Retz.

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