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Ronald W. Kenyon, webmaster and curator of the Racine de Monville Home Page, is the author of thirteen books:

Essays and biographies

A Winter in the Middle of Two Seas: Real Stories from Bahrain
Monville: Forgotten Luminary of the French Enlightenment
Monville: l’inconnu des Lumières (en français) French)
Le Petit Kenyon: Dining in the Environs of Paris for Walkers
Statues of Liberty: Real Stories from France
On the Trail in France
Floridians: Real Stories from the Sunshine State


Metro Portraits
Metro Messages
My Beautiful France: Landscapes
Ile-de-France, terres d’inspiration (textes en français)
France Images & Messages (bilingual texts/textes bilingues)


Divagations: Collected Poetry 1959-1996

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